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Date: January 2018 | Orthovasive Times 3

Case Study

Progressive Osteoarthritis of Both Knees

Dr. Manish Shah

Dr. Ameya Velingker

MS, Mch (Ortho), FICS (USA)

Consultant Joint Replacement, Bone and Joint Care Clinic, Goa

Case Vignette:

56 years old male, resident of Belgavi, Obese with progressive osteoarthritis, of both knees since 6 years. Since last 3 months no weight bearing. On examination we observed, Gross Ligament Laxity Global Instability.

Things considered / looked up in the X-Ray Fig. 1

1. Integrity of the Collateral Ligaments

2. ACL PCL Insufficiency

3. Increased coronal slope of the tibia and to attend / rectify the posterior defect.

Fig.1. Pre-Op X-Ray of Progressive Osteoarthritis


The plan & discussion for the above case was,

1. Checking the collateral ligament integrity intra-op

2. Gross undercutting of the proximal tibia & distal femur

3. Extension rod for tibia

4. Standby constrained knee

The plan & discussion for the above case was,

1. Good Integrity of Collateral Ligaments

2. Absence of ACL , PCL

3. Observed Advanced degeneration of knee

Fig. 2. X-Ray stating Integrity of Collateral ligaments & posterior defect