Dr A. Gurava Reddy


Indus Knee is giving very good results and the post operative results are very encouraging.

Dr H Gowda S. N.


The Indus Knee System is very easy to handle with minimal instruments and post-op satisfaction which is the ultimate goal, is very good

Dr S Eswara


Indus Knee System is comparable with any MNC company’s implants.

Dr M Sancheti


Indus prosthesis actually (in compare to other hi-flex brands) gives more flexion rather only promise.

Dr Q Dhariwal


I am very happy with the results of the surgery using Indus system. There have been no patient complaints either.

Dr Hairsh Bhende

Laud Clinic, Mumbai

Orthovasive is providing systems made with stringent quality measures, using finest technologies and innovative solutions in instrumentation, nothing less than any MNC.

Dr. Umesh Nagare


"I have been using Signature and Avatar Hip replacement implants and instruments regularly. These implants and instruments are manufactured and supplied by Biorad Medisys Pvt Ltd Pune. These instruments, sets and implants are more user friendly and satisfy criteria for patient care like any other international company in this business. "

Dr. Kshitij Shah


"I have been using Signature & Avatar Hip & Indus Knee implants & instruments regularly. They are of very good standard and quality. "

Dr. Modi M. Y.


"I have been using Signature Hip, Avatar Hip and Indus Knee implants and instruments regularly. They are of very good standard quality. All my cases where I have used Signature Hip, Avatar Hip and Indus Knee have shown excellent results. I strongly recommend the use of these implants. "

Dr. Satish Patel


This is to state that I am regularly using Signature, Avatar and Indus Knee (TKRS). I am satisfied with the quality of the implants and instruments.