Go live.

Regain movement. Reclaim joy.

Living an active, independent life is easy when our joints support us. Tackling joint pain and mobility problems with superior orthopaedic systems that deliver as per surgeon’s expectations, we help patients obtain long lasting freedom from confinement.

Going back to living as they used to before joint pain, without giving a second thought to the very act of walking, bending or standing up is the biggest joy for most. The other joys follow.


To help patients move naturally, achieving maximum possible near-natural movement is the main mandate for all our systems. Deep bending and flexion of knee, full bending at the hip, complete neck movement and more drive the evolution of our product design. With continuous R&D, we are seeing great results in the high range of motion that our implants can offer.


Strong bonding between the implant and the host bone and tissue results in a high stability and higher patient confidence of living with implants. Featuring design modifications and the most advanced materials and coatings, our implants vastly lower mechanical friction and enable rapid osseo-integration.


Improvements in surgical techniques, materials, implant designs and fixation, have enabled us to keep abreast of the progress in implant life in the industry. The durability of our implants have greatly reduced the need of second replacement surgeries. Further reduction in wear rates is being tested for people with highly active lifestyles

Anatomy preservation

Lesser trauma to the body aids early recuperation. We are working extensively with some of the leading doctors of the world to devise systems that will need lesser invasion and preserve as much of bone stock and tissue as possible to imitate the natural joint rather than replace it.

Design & Innovation

A team of expert designers from some of the best design schools and renowned surgeons work together to develop implants that perform on all parameters.

Quality Consciousness

The performance of our products is life-changing. This understanding drives our meticulousness to meet the highest quality standards.

Top Notch Manufacturing

World’s best machinery, materials and processes backed by well-trained people ensure we meet the world standards in manufacturing.


Surgeons are both – the beacons that guide us to make better systems and the final and the toughest test of our quality.

Read What Our Patients Say ...

I’m completely relieved of my knee pain ever since I’ve gone for a knee replacement using Indus system. I’m able to do much more than I could even before my knee started giving me problems.

Mrs Jyoti Srivastava

underwent knee replacement surgery at Sunshine Hospital, Secunderabad.

I was diagnosed with OA in Hip two years ago, and got a hip replacement surgery done by Dr Gaurav Kumar, Jhansi. I never thought an Indian implant could give me so much relief from my hip pain. But I was told by my surgeon, this Signature system, is made with international quality norms and will give me complete freedom to lead an active lifestyle. It’s been two years since and I’m actually living a worry free life.

Mrs. Sushila Verma

underwent Hip Replacement surgery at Jhansi Orthopedic Hospital, Jhansi.