Evolving the State of Revision Knee Arthroplasty

It is one of the most comprehensive revision knee systems, with femoral size starting from 53 mm in AP and the smallest box in its category. It reduces further bone loss. The EVOCON revision knee system has a progressive constrained box that allows full contriteness in extension and 3-degree internal and external rotation for easy flexion. Cam and post have been designed in such a way that it works as a third condylar surface. One of the most robust locking mechanisms for the femoral, tibial rod, and Insert. A versatile system that also accepts femoral/tibial cones and sleeves for significant bone defects. Its surgeon-friendly and accurate instruments make the surgery easier and more precise.​

Femoral Component
  • Femoral Component is available in 6 sizes starting from 53 mm
  • The smallest box in its category, reducing bone loss significantly
  • Very robust locking mechanism with extension rod primary locking with taper locking technology and secondary locking by a femoral locking screw
  • Single radii geometry allows the ligamental isometry
  • Anterior flange is reduced for smooth translation of anterior patellar tendon
Offset Extension Rods
  • Offset extension rod has an inbuilt offset of 0 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, and 6 mm, without any adaptor, reducing the chance of lock failure and reducing the chances of anterior cortex fracture
  • Offset extension rods are grid blasted and fluted, making it suitable for both cemented and uncemented
  • Comprehensive sizing option available, starting from 8 to 20 mm in thickness and 40 to 160 mm in length
  • Accurate instruments make the surgery easier and more precise
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Tibial Insert
  • Deep dish design and proportionate bearing surface for increased contact area
  • Tapered post for progressive constrained effect with the femur
  • Inserts are available in 7 sizes of thickness starting from 9 mm up to 23 mm
  • The deep anterior cutout is provided for patellar tendon relief in mid to high-flexion
  • Inserts are given an anterior hole for the peg post for secured locking and strength to post during high-flexion
  • Inserts are made of UHMWPE from Orthoplastics UK
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Tibial Tray
  • Tibial available in 6 sizes, starting from 55 mm in ML
  • Tibial is at 3° posterior slope with keel
  • Highly polished surface with secure lock technology to lock insert without any micromotion, 4 screw holes for augment locking, and central hole for insert peg screw
  • Very robust locking mechanism with extension rod, primary locking with taper locking technology, and secondary locking by tibial locking screw
  • Accepts screwed tibial augments, both half and full
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EVOCON Left Knee Implant Procedure
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EVOCON Right Knee Implant Procedure



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