CE2195 Certified Product
US FDA Certified Product

Ouro Knee System is for young and more active lifestyle patients; its TiNbN coating suits all categories of patients, including those allergic to metal.

OUROTM – Golden Knee System
  • No. 1 HI-flex Knee System, accommodating safe flexion up to 155°
  • Its single radius geometry helps balance the ligament isometry throughout the range of motion
  • Highly polished tibial surface with proven dovetail locking mechanism for minimum backside wear
  • Available in 8 sizes of Femoral Component and 7 sizes of Tibial Tray, with high compatibility, making it a customized implant for each patient
  • TiNbN coating from DOT Germany makes the implant highly durable and non-allergic, making it the choice of implant for highly active lifestyle patients and also preventing metallosis for patients allergic to metal
  • Available with a G4/G5 surgeon-friendly instrument set
Patella UHMWPE from Orthoplastics (UK)

  • Dome shaped
  • 3 pegs and cement pockets for optimum fixation
  • Available in 6 sizes
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Femoral Component
  • Deeper patellar groove accommodating up to 15° of "Q" angle
  • Enhanced cam and spine design engaging at 45°, reducing the sudden load on post
  • Single radius knee for ligament isometry with a reduced radius of curvature of the posterior condyle for increased flexion
  • Bone-sparing notch cut design
  • Available in 8 Sizes
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Tibial Insert
Tibial Insert UHMWPE from Orthoplastics (UK)

  • Deep dish design with Proportionate bearing surfaces for large contact area
  • Enhanced PS cam/spine design with a jump height of 17.5 mm
  • Deeper anterior cut-out for patellar tendon in high flexion
  • Available in 7 sizes of thickness in PS and CR
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Tibial Tray
  • Proven Dove tail locking mechanism and continuous peripheral rim make the lock very robust, preventing any micromotion
  • Highly polished tibial tray to reduce backside wear rate
  • Cement pockets for optimum fixation
  • 7° posterior slope in keel gives natural fit to tibial anatomy
  • Accepts extension rods available in 7 sizes
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OURO™ Golden Knee System

Biorad Medisys's Golden Knee System is one of the most comprehensive Total Knee Systems designed to repair and internally stabilize the knee for patients with metal allergies. It restores patients' natural kinematics and offers simple, standardized surgical techniques for surgeons.


OURO™ Golden Knee System - LBL

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