Are your knee implants vitamin deficient? Know how vitamin E enriched Medial Pivot Knee implants benefit you.

As individuals age, the prevalence of knee pain stemming from arthritis increases. In India, arthritis is remarkably widespread, with studies* indicating that one in every three individuals struggles with Osteoarthritis. Moreover, women face a heightened risk to Osteoarthritis compared to men. Apart from gender, other risk factors of Osteoarthritis includes genetic predisposition, excess weight, injury or overuse injury. The main symptoms associated with this are swelling, redness, popping or crunching noise, chronic pain, weakness, instability, etc. These symptoms, especially continuous knee pain, make life of osteoarthritic individuals difficult. Even daily activities like walking and stair climbing become challenging. This affects the confidence and independence of many people. While treatment modalities vary from simple lifestyle adjustments to surgical interventions, Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery often emerges as the ultimate resort, offering hope and relief to countless patients.

Although the surgical procedure remains consistent across patients, the post-operative journey is uniquely experienced by each individual. This difference can be attributed to various factors such as overall health and co-morbidities. Among these factors, the choice of implant stands out as important.

Many implants on the market utilize Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), but they are prone to wear and degradation over time, leading to issues like bone destruction and implant loosening. Moreover, oxidative degradation causes more wear of these implants which leads to a decrease in their mechanical strength. However, advancements such as Vitamin E stabilized UHMWPE, as seen in the OURO EXCEL Medial Pivot Knee (MPK), address these concerns effectively.

Vitamin E is a common component of many natural products of both plant and animal origin that acts as a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, the incorporation of vitamin E into UHMWPE of OURO EXCEL MPK helps in improving the oxidation resistance. In addition to improving mechanical strength, it enhances the fatigue strength which indicates the highest level of stress that an implant can withstand. It also reduces bacterial adhesion to implant surfaces thus lowering infection risks. Moreover, the implant features a Gold (TiNbN) coating, which not only improves biocompatibility and provides allergy protection but also ensures long-term stability.

OURO EXCEL MPK is a type of knee replacement implant that operates on the principle of a medial pivot knee. The natural knee movement has less bending on the inner side and more bending on the outer side. This uneven bending facilitates smooth motion. Traditional implants are unable to mimic this motion perfectly. But, OURO EXCEL MPK has three design innovations in such a way that it can mimic the natural motion of the knee precisely even during activities such as walking and stair climbing. These design innovations reduce instability and unexpected joint movements, providing maximum rotational stability and a more natural knee feel. Do you want to know how exactly OURO EXCEL MPK provides a ‘Natural Knee’ feel? Read here.

Multiple studies** show that the patient experience after a Medial Pivot Knee implant improves significantly. In patient reported assessment tests like Oxford Knee Score (OKS), scores from pre-surgery to post-surgery have increased from 19.5 to 41.2. This enhanced efficacy of the implants aid in achieving an average maximum active movement of 124° post-surgery. These studies indicate that there are minimal chances of patients requiring a repeat surgery after a Medial Pivot Knee surgery. Moreover, the impact of improved knee function on the overall quality of life cannot be understated. Patients report increased satisfaction with their ability to engage in daily activities without debilitating pain. Furthermore, the restoration of mobility and independence contributes to a sense of well-being and improved mental health.


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**: Medial pivot-based total knee arthroplasty achieves better clinical outcomes than posterior-stabilised total knee arthroplasty – PMC (


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