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Orthovasive, a division of BioradMedisys, is dedicated to enhancing lives through innovation. Well-researched and well-designed, our devices elevate patient care. Join us in our mission to improve patient and healthcare professional experiences. Explore Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine.


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Revolutionizing Kinematics: Restoring the Natural Knee Movement
  • Medial Pivot implants are designed to restore the physiological kinematics of the natural knee, confining the roll back and avoiding the paradoxical motion of the femoral condyles.
  • Designed to bring patients back to the full function faster. It can safely accommodate flexion of up to 155°.
  • Anatomic insert designed to promote medial stability and lateral mobility.
  • The keel of the Excel MPK tibial implant has been designed to fit the natural anatomy of the tibia and provide maximum rotational stability.
  • It does not require a large intercondylar resection and allows 15° of natural rotation for deep flexion and freedom of rotational alignment.

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